Disc Drive

Post date: Oct 23, 2009 4:49:16 PM

Is your disc drive acting up? Several of you have brought your computers to me with the disc drive spinning even though there is no disc in it. The simple fix is to put a disc in there. You've got a hungry disc drive. Feed it something. Let the computer read it, then eject it. Which leads me to my next tip...

Is there a disc stuck in your disc drive? If you have a disc that won't eject, you will need to restart your computer and hold down the mouse button until it pops out. It seems to make the startup process take a little longer than usual so be patient and hold that mouse button down.

Finally, I've been asked whether you can put a minidisc in your MacBook. The answer is, "no." Do not put a minidisc into your MacBook. Use only standard 4.75" CD/DVD discs.